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Artificial Intelligence in Image Editing – The New Revolution in eCommerce Industry

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant theory. One of the key sectors impacted by this revolution is visual services. It is expected to be valued at $33 Bn by 2019.

source: report by Tractica

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is being leveraged to enhance customer acquisition at the first point of contact — the smartphone. This is achieved by offering options to instantly give regular photos a professional output, right at the source itself.

Talking about the eCommerce industry in general, the effect of images on sales and business growth is massive. A study reports that 56% of customers online, disregard purchase decisions courtesy bad images and lack of product information.

In an industry where consistency, quality and standardisation in images plays a key role, Artificial Intelligence has given companies an exponential advantage in cost-effectiveness and time saving with respect to image editing.

Traditionally, the eCommerce industry has relied on high cost & manpower driven photoshoots for its product photography. Further, post-processing has evolved to become an increasingly tedious process involving a significant number of input in man-hours. AI in the Image Editing field has made this process easier for eCommerce retailers by editing images in less than 30 minutes with predefined patterns. With the delegation of repetitive tasks to AI, it has granted freedom to the photographers and retailers to focus on creativity.

Services such as ImageEdit have automated the post-production process to ensure better quality in a faster and more efficient workflow. Apparel and product photography is processed within 30 mins via a software that automatically learns from each image editing process, thus getting more intelligent with every edit. This degree of efficiency is unprecedented with manual editing.

With state of the art algorithms and technology powering this Artificial Intelligence revolution, eCommerce retailers are set to benefit the most. AI is not only making the image editing process less frustrating but also making it economical for businesses by allowing them to keep up with current apparel and product trends and focusing their money on aggressive customer marketing instead.

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