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4 Reasons why you should remove background from product Images for ecommerce.

The e-commerce industry is built on creating a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. Users online think with their eyes and base their purchases purely on visually engaging product images. This is why product photography is paramount to a etailer’s success and brand recall. The product image is the gateway to a sale- for both the customer and the seller and requires a great attention to detail.

Backgrounds play a significant role in the image’s popularity and likeability. While lifestyle photography peppered with textured backgrounds and real-world backdrops are required to build an aesthetic sense, simple product images are the purchase clinchers. In fact, the simpler, the better.

Here are 4 reasons why you should remove the background from product images to boost sales:

1) Strong focus on the product.

Noisy backgrounds are a big no-no in e-commerce product photography. They drag the attention away from the product and its features. Replacing it with a neutral white background not only enhances the focal point but also lets the user experience all the product features closely, when they pinch and zoom the image. Whether it be a thumbnail or a standalone image, the product is what the customer sees, nothing else.

2) Marketplace rules and regulations.

Some of the leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and more, require all product images to be shot against a white backdrop, so as to ensure true product quality. It presents a no-nonsense approach to selling, as it showcases the product in its actual sense, without any enhancements done to hide its flaws. Background image editing services are key to achieving greater sales on these platforms.

3) Ensures consistency.

An e-commerce retailer’s life cycle depends on the traffic it generates. Its offerings need to be consistent, so as to ensure secondary purchases too. Removing background and replacing them with a pure white backdrop ensures consistency throughout the product range. It also significantly increases the brand’s capacity to churn out new products, trends and product series throughout the year. ImageEdit bulk edits images in less than 30 mins, so that companies can keep up with the increasing customer demand.

4) Is cost effective

Image editing is a labour-intensive job, and even with the fastest human image editors- the cost- delivery equation is not fruitful. With the high cost of image editing, every release of a new product is a critical expense, which is easily manageable, thanks to image editing services. Ensuring a neutral white background brings down the cost of the editing and the time. ImageEdit bulk edits images in less than 30 mins, so that companies can keep up with the increasing customer demand.


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