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Product Photography - The key to Increasing online sales


If you build a great experience, customer tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.

– Jeff Bezos

A fashion eCommerce store’s primary point of sale is through its photography. The more attractive and diverse it is, the better are the chances of converting a potential customer into a permanent one. Today, customers are extremely demanding in terms of content from their favorite brands and want to be immersed in a 360 degree experience, from the comfort of their homes.

A crucial element of this business is model photography which is used in a multipronged sales approach- via lifestyle photo shoots and neutral, standardized product shots. The images are the defining push to convince the customer into making a purchase and influence their further online shopping decisions. Here are 3 reasons why product photography is crucial for a fashion eCommerce business:

1) It is consistent.

Normally, product shots are shot against a white/neutral background so as to enhance the features of the apparel and showcase it in its truest sense. Although the garment may have different angles for different features of the apparel, it is consistent in it’s look and feel. Keeping the model’s pose consistent throughout product range, immediately soothes the customer and focuses their attention. This consistency plays a major role in decision making- as the customer can see the product clearly with no interruptions.

2) Creates a singular focus on the apparel.

Shooting the products against a neutral background immediately brings forward the true color and design to the customer. It enables in creating standardized palette aimed at making the apparel the star. Shooting it from different angles gives customers every single detail for their perusal and 360 degree information about it. Product photography incorporating all angles is paramount to the success of an e-commerce store.

3) Aid size and scale

Every piece of apparel is built for different sizes and shapes, and shooting them on mannequins is not the best way to educate the customer about the craftsmanship and quality of the product range. Product photography showcases the scale of the product and answers important questions about size, fit and material used. ImageEdit edits fashion photos within minutes and aids in creating a unique selling point for brands with their pictures. The editing ensures that the garment becomes the main highlight of the pictures, which in turn drives more sales!

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