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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Image Edit work? What services do you offer? uses Artificially Intelligent software to edit your images.

Every image goes through six servers running proprietary software parallelly to avoid time delay; to address various elements of an image (like a model’s skin, garment issues, stray hair, etc.). The final output images are merged together to form a complete image which is verified by a qualified professional, who then marks necessary amends. The image goes through the same process again & again, till its approved for delivery.

Is this a fixed cost? What about bulk discounts? is focused on providing the best value to our clients. Our standard solution offers all mandatory editing requirements like hair masking, garment retouching, etc., for an eCommerce website’s needs. Unlike traditional companies, we are not entirely dependant on human skills & can provide the lowest price possible for any client, irrespective of the number of images you would want to edit using our solution.

Should you have a specific requirement like background removal/replacement, we could do the same at a special cost. Write to us at [email protected]


What if I do not need all the features and only selected kind of editing?

We have designed our solution to consider all the major editing aspects while performing an edit. But we could surely customize it to your requirement. Especially for editing images of accessories, like bags or jewellery.

We are available at [email protected] to assist you on your requirements.


Would you be giving output images in jpeg or png or any other format?

We use proprietary software solutions to edit images and can deliver images in formats of your choice. could also deliver edited images in different formats & sizes on a negligible add-on cost. We can also optimize images for all major eCommerce portals like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc.


Can you edit images in 30 mins?

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can edit an image within 30 minutes. Each image is edited & processed using proprietary software solutions running on state of the art hardware. In case of a large quantity of images, we will start delivering images in 30 minutes to 1 hour as images are processed in small batches.


How many images can you do in a day?

Each image has a set of specific editing requirements varying the time required to edit them. However, since images are edited by proprietary software can easily scale up our capacity to edit images in a day by adding more hardware. Currently, we are equipped to edit a little over 3000 images in a day.


How do you ensure quality images?

Each image is inspected by qualified professionals at various stages and the images are processed multiple times to get the desired output. The final output is then inspected by a Visual Merchandiser with at least 3-5 years of experience before its finally approved.


How can we contact you?

You can reach us at [email protected] or [email protected] depending on the kind of query you have. For our existing customers, you can write to your Account Managers for support 24*7.


Will the output images be better than the ones after manual editing?

After generating over 100,000 images till date, our software can identify thousands of flaws and address them without human intervention. All of this in a matter of minutes which is impossible for a human being.


What software do you use for editing images? is built on an Artificially Intelligent framework to identify issues & rectify them. We use proprietary software solutions and programs to achieve this. However, we will deliver edited images in any format (.psd, .jpeg, etc.) as per your requirement.


How do you deliver images to me?

For recurring orders, we will give you a customized interface to upload, track progress and download images (using FTP). We will also accept images through Dropbox or other online file-sharing solutions.