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The e-commerce retail industry is primarily driven by product photography. Products shot against a white background is the norm, not only used by small businesses but advocated as a guideline by major marketplaces too. Over 90% of etailers have shifted to the plain background module for their product range, but does that mean lifestyle photography has no place in this relationship at all?

Why product photography works? Because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

80% of people remember what they see, and the common goal of all e-commerce businesses is to drive home the product recall for the customer. Product photography is the right driver in this regard, as it promotes consistency, clarity and quality in all images. The product takes center stage, customers can focus on its features with no distractions. It’s also a win-win situation for the retailer, as it involves lower shoot and post-processing costs. With AI-powered services such as ImageEdit, valuable time is saved in Image Editing as the programmatic AI can bulk edit images to perfection in just under 30 mins. Product photography addresses every concern and builds a clear path to customer acquisition.

Secondary purchases are the smoking gun of lifestyle photography

Product photography sells a product, lifestyle photography is hugely responsible for combined, secondary purchases. Let’s take an example: If a retailer wishes to sell summer clothing- shooting it on a beach, complete with a hat, accessories, shoes and more would paint a real picture for the customer. The image would also create a “look” for the customer, which not only compliments their apparel purchase but is a great showcase point for secondary products for the etailer. Lifestyle photography is an ideal avenue to sell products with a visual story to the target demographic. It can be used as an excellent method of upselling and cross-promotion of products across different ranges.

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