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Product Photography – How to choose the right background for your product?

Product photography is a critical pillar of an e-commerce store, as it is not only the only way to showcase brand offerings, but also the first point of customer acquisition and sales. As customers gauge product quality and value only through the screen, products need to be extremely well presented visually and make a lasting impression immediately. 78% of shoppers are inclined to make purchase products whose pictures are appealing and give them a real-world feel.

Having said that, a good product photo is a combination of style and presentation. The background plays an important part in this equation and unfortunately is often overlooked. The right background will affect the overall look and quality of the image and make the product stand out.

Here’s how you can choose the right background for your product:

1) Avoid clutter and busy backgrounds.

Logically, anything that diverts attention from the central selling product, is a bad strategy to work with. The background is the largest part of any image and if it is cluttered, it takes away the focal point of the product itself. Avoid using noisy backgrounds- so that it’s easy to highlight the features of the central product and the customer can see it in all its glory.

 2) White background works best.

White backdrops are commonly used in all product pictures in e-commerce for a reason. It is neutral, represents the product well and is a difficult environment to hide product flaws. White background pictures are more product-centric and have a low impact on the image. Image services such as ImageEdit, are proficient in bulk editing product images on a white background so that the product takes centre stage.

 3) If not white, use neutral and subtle colours.

Extremely bright or dark colours are a strong turn off for customers during a product search. Neutral or subtle shades serve the purchase purpose well as they make the products more visible and add a touch of flair to them too. Make sure to choose these colours carefully so as to not overpower the product’s selling point and lose that potential customer. Find the perfect match, and keep the styling minimal- do not add clutter.


4) Textured Backgrounds.

Historically, textured backgrounds work well for fashion and home decor products. Even in this case, a simple marble like, grid or gradient shades work best. They add an element of creativity to the product image and is perfect for sharing on social media to drive brand recall.

5) Black is the new black.

A shade that steps away from the norm, it is a symbol of luxury. It instantly attracts attention towards the product, only if it used appropriately. For jewellery and high-end luxury segment (metals and diamonds), it makes the product image edgier. Use this background wisely!

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