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5 Amazing fashion & beauty eCommerce store we absolutely love

What we love:

India’s top beauty website, it’s primary USP – the use of simple product images to create catchy banners and thumbnails. It retains the customer’s focus on the product and it’s benefits with colorful banners which attract attention immediately. The home page has great symmetry, the layout of its product boxes and has a great balance of style and substance. Nykaa as a brand does a great job at indirect marketing by keeping the brand design consistent in its newsletters, email marketing and social media.



What we love:

The imagery used in the store design immediately speaks of the brands fun and eclectic vibe. It has an excellent mix of outdoor (lookbooks) and indoor (white background) photography. The models in the white background pictures are shot with more personality and creativity, giving a boost to the otherwise plain apparel product shots. Asos also relies on memory boosting colors such as blue, green and pastels for higher brand recall.


Lush Cosmetics

What we love:

Firstly, it’s all black! A fraction of websites online use black as their base color and it adds a classy punch to the design and layout. The illustrations have a pop-up-book feel which ups the organic quotient of the product. It’s homepage isn’t crowded and lets the user have their own space/speed in navigating the store. Intelligently written, it’s core design selling point is their honesty to the product – 90% of the imagery is only focused on showcasing the true product, 10% on human intervention.



Pretty Little Thing

What we love:

Similar to Asos in terms of layout, the design aesthetic is the bright and over-the-top burst of colors! Highly saturated and contrasted imagery is its central design USP. Extra care is taken to ensure that the plain apparel photos are styled too. The content percentage is minimal, as the brand wants the images to speak for themselves!

Victoria’s Secret

What we love:

A brand that needs no introduction, it’s online store is a perfect mix of style, class, substance and ease. While white is the predominant color in the layout, it’s product/campaign/model are shot in white too. This would lead one to expect a camouflage effect, but it is entirely the opposite. The imagery stands out and catches the customer’s eye! It’s layout is simple, sophisticated and elegant.

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